in my sketchbook: 01

July 21, 2016

recently i’ve been really into ink drawings. it’s funny– i used to HATE ink in high school because i hated the finality of it. of fucking up and not being able to erase or paint over it– but not i love it! not only in fine art, but also in the tattoo word. there is something really beautiful about art created with just lines and dots. of course i know all art originates here, but ink illustrations are so captivating to me!

with summer here, i’ve been really inspired by transforming ocean animals and creating a surreal environment around them. you can see my most recent two guys below from my instagram. my next piece? a huge whale shark transformed into something else 😉 stay tuned!

bluewhale seahorse

matcha egg cream

June 21, 2016

matcha egg cream

oh, why hello there summer. why don’t you just scorch us in california with your triple digit weather!? i’m not ready for it! i have no summer clothing– like zero. while i was showering in my own sweat, i wanted something to sip on to cool me off and all i could find was the packets of matcha tea I bought at diaso market. behold, the matcha egg cream!

the funny thing about egg creams is that they don’t have egg, or cream in them. they’re an old school drink typically served at soda fountains made with milk, soda water and a syrup (usually chocolate.) the result is a fizzy, rich delight perfect for helping you cool off.

my spin is a little untraditional, but if you love boba or anything related to matcha, you are in for a SERIOUS treat!

serves 2

– 2 teaspoons of matcha powder
– 1/2 cup almond milk ( I used unsweetened since thats what I had!)
– 3 tbsp of sweetened condensed milk (if you have leftover, you should make shaved ice!)
– 1 1/4 cups carbonated/sparkling water
– 2 cups ice

Take two glasses and fill to the brim with ice. Mix all ingredients together with a whisk in a pitcher and pour over ice. Top with a straw and ENJOY!

Super easy, simple and freaking delicious. it reminds me of iced green tea, but the summer version.

monday’s mood

June 20, 2016

happy monday! last weekend flew by, like real fast. on saturday, my tire decided it wanted to shred while i was on the freeway. luckily i was still relatively close to home, and everything got squared away. after than, i got my hair CUT OFF and it feels so magically wonderful and light now that it’s short and lighter.

sunday was father’s day with the family– a great day filled with good food and good laughs. i headed out to smorgasburg LA to see what the hype was all about and despite the 5,000,000 degree weather, all was right in the world after trying an acai amazebowl. um, yes on repeat.

now we’re swinging into a new week and not gonna lie, i miss the weekend. here’s a couple goodies to get you ( i really mean ME) into the swing of things and get inspired by this HOT HOT LA weather and summer vibes for monday’s mood. enjoy!

:: mini flower bouquets are on my mind right now, too cute.
:: i love seeing wood as a modern exterior design element.
:: translucency. i can’t get over how rad these perpex menus are.
::  we just got new baskets in at rolling greens. i’m tempted to recreate this basket wall.
::  recently, i fell in love with olive and june. love this minimal mani for my next appt!
:: time to whip out the cheese board. this DIY board from lauren conrad is so good.
:: get outside. i really want to host an intimate dinner!