Easy Breezy Summer

April 21, 2017

You guys, I have a serious love/hate relationships with dresses. I hate showing my arms, love showing my legs but can’t have too short of a dress because basically I lift heavy things at work all the time (HELP.) I also really love maxi dresses– but that’s another story.

Anyways, I solved my “hope my ass doesn’t hang out of this dress because I’m tall” problem with THIS amazing long cardigan. I found this dress at one of my favorite retailers, Irene’s Story, and the cardigan was hiding on an Anthropologie sale rack. It’s a super fun way to play with lengths, volume and keep layers light for Spring as we still transition to the warmer months.

If you live by the beach like MOI, you can pair with sandals or just go barefoot. For work, I wear booties and am ready to heat out the door. My curly hair is out and about again here and I’m loooooving the weather right now.

What would you pair with your favorite Flowy spring dress? See more below + shop the look!