NATURAL hair + my hat from tobi!

April 2, 2017

SPRING IS HERE, in case you didn’t know. I looooove this time of year because the Earth is waking up and it’s a very fresh restart to the year. Fashion changes, colors lighten, people smile more. I swear.

One thing that I truly notice about Spring is the amount of makeup we wear and what us women do with our hair. With the increase in humidity and heat, it definitely gets dialed down. For me, this means less heat used on my hair, less facial make up and MORE natural beauty. I think it’s a win win, because being natural TOTALLY synchs up with the  spring spirit.

“Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld.” // Martha Beck


I have a short hair cut and LOVE to style my hair with a big barrel curling iron or curl with a flat iron to get beachy waves. If my hair is wet and I brush it out, add a straightening serum and let it air dry peacefully, it dries wavy and just a few touches with a big barrel + salt spray will help me get this look.

BUT, my true natural hair in its amazing and crazy form is up above! My mama has some Brazilian roots and she + I got some crazy hair. I haven’t really embraced how sexy and awesome it is since I usually just throw it up (more often than leaving it down, trust me.)

Ever since I purchased R&B Hair Moisturizer from Lush to put in my hair (my best guy friend recommended this– not a joke) and went to sleep with it wrapped in a t-shirt, it has been drying CRAZY beautiful and I’m sort of in love. I usually fix my screwed up pieces with a wand before I leave and part it deep on the side. GIRLS its time to embrace natural hair again!

I highly suggest investing in a great hair mask/moisturizer. Mine has gone through many colorings, but I’ve found masks make the biggest difference!

After topping off with some red lippies and THE PERFECT HAT, I’m ready.



Ok, I seriously love hats. I have a bunch and need to incorporate them more into posts! I think I haven’t yet because I’m pretty sure once I do, I won’t be able to stop. When I saw this hat on the Tobi website– I HAD to have it. I love the details strap and the shape sits perfectly on top my head showing off my natural curls. They have a really great selection of product happening on their site right now!

My tee is from H&M. It was $10 and after I bought this one, I bought 3 more in the same color because they fit so well. Not gonna like, their basics are pretty good and extra affordable. My lipstick is Ruby Woo from MAC Cosmetics– a definite staple.

What are your hair + hat staples!? I’d love to know in the comments below!