On the shores of Southern California, I’ve cultivated my creative lifestyle from a young age as I enjoyed nothing more than running around my backyard with bare feet. As I grew up dabbling in paint and other creative media, I knew my career would have to have a huge artistic impact. After achieving a degree in Visual Communications at FIDM and gaining experience in marketing, graphic design, event management, product styling + fine arts, my aesthetic has been nothing but experimental through my years as a designer. My approach is innovative and full of emotion, with direct influence from the shapes of the flora and fauna which surround all of us.

My mission is to elevate what the world thinks “beautiful” means and encourage thinking outside all bounds. Bringing art + creative ambition to all aspects of life makes my heart the happiest. That– and a cold jasmine milk tea with boba.


Sami Davis currently lived in the greater Los Angeles area with her two kittens, Pierre & Nala.

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